Motorola: eLearning System

Managed the design and development of a custom, modular, responsive, SCORM-compliant eLearning system for U.S. and international carrier training for Motorola Mobility products.

Client: Motorola
Services: Art Direction, UI/UX Design, Project Management, Technical Lead

Custom templates support HTML5 media, image galleries, video, audio, and integrated quiz game engine. System was built to be easily updatable via external data structure, compatible with all browsers down to Internet Explorer 8, all devices (including iOS and Android mobile devices and tablets), and to be made available as a downloadable Android app on the Google Play Store.

I closely worked with Motorola, Lionbridge Technologies, and my team at every step of the process to develop this custom system – From determining initial specifications, to sketching the user experience (UI / UX) and wireframes, to creating a data structure and prototyping, to mockups and design, to managing the team of designers and developers through to product launch.