Veggie Bottoms Kitchen

Co-creator of the highly-rated follow-up to Veggie Bottoms. Managed the UI/UX design, character design, development, and marketing of this iOS / Android app for kids that includes an interactive cookbook as well as a "Smoothie Maker" game activity.

Client: Veggie Bottoms Kitchen
Services: Creative Direction, Character Design, UI/UX Design, Project Management, Motion Graphics

Capitalizing on the success of the award-winning Veggie Bottoms, we created it’s follow-up – Veggie Bottoms Kitchen. What better way to get kids engaged in healthy eating by encouraging them to cook simple, healthy meals with their family. Designing an easy to use interface coupled with recipe filters for common food allergies, we cooked up a healthy, vegetarian interactive cookbook for kids with step-by-step animated instructions, shopping list, and a host of fun features.

How about more fun? We integrated a simple smoothie making game for kids who loved Veggie Bottoms but might be a bit too young to read. Kids could create their own smoothie recipes for Chef Monty to taste. Would he like it? Would he hate it? Perhaps it would unlock one of his secret recipes…

Directed the design and implementation of social media, rich media, in-app, banner, and video advertising campaigns. Examples can be seen below.